Unisex 1.18 to 3.5 inches Heightening Insole – Height Increase Insole Air Cushion Shoe Lift Shoe


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  • Add up 3 cm to 9 cm (1.18 – 3.5 inches) in Height
  • Orthopedic design.
  • All Height Boosting Insoles come in pairs.
  • One size fits all. Trim to fit if needed.
  • Dual air cushions for better impact moderation.
  • Suitable for most sneakers, athletic shoes, dress boots and work boots.
  • Lightweight comfortable Air bubble.
  • Designed in a way to mold and shape into your foot.
  • Ventilation air holes on the insoles with air cushion heel.
  • Increase height for when your wanting that heel lift at parties wedding etc.
  • Impossible to know you have heel lifts – once placed inside your shoes.
  • Reduces pressure on both knees and back which can reduce spine problems.
  • Made from air breathing, durable and flexible high quality fiber material.
  • Suitable for many kinds of shoes and boots.

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