Rotating Spin Night Star Light Projector

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The Cosmos Star Projector brings the cosmos into your room. You can adjust the compass-point alignments to align the constellations with your latitude, and date. This way you can project the constellations accurately according to the season and your location. The cosmos star projector is perfect for giving some enchanting lighting for a kid’s room, or even for a romantic bedroom setup.

This projector is perfect for kids and adults alike to fall asleep to as the stars pass above you. There are different modes and LED colors that are available, showing an ever changing night sky. Kids will be entranced by it and they’ll be gently guided to sleep once their eyes tire.

3 AWESOME SETTINGS: The night lamp projector comes with 3 easy switches to let you choose the most appropriate mode. The Switch A allows you to switch on the warm light mode, which is excellent for a soft night light. Switch B allows you to change the mode to colored monochrome lights (pressing it 9 times in a row shuts off this mode). Switch C allows you to choose whether you want the motor to rotate or remain stationary. It is as simple as that!

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