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 Mittens used to serve the sole purpose of preventing a baby’s long nails from scratching their skin or own eyes. Now we have an innovative and very useful baby product that not only solves that problem but also addresses other problems that may arise during the baby’s early period.

Introducing Our Teething Mittens

We can’t always be there to prevent a teething baby from putting their hands in their mouth. What we can control is the damages that it can cause. With our teething mittens, you can avoid getting your baby’s drool on their hands which can cause dryness or even rashes.

This fabric plus silicone solution makes the baby’s teething period pass with ease. Our mittens addresses, not only the difficulty of cleaning up, but also having an always ready teething toy within your child’s reach.

  • Made of 100% Food Grade Silicone: Similar to pacifiers, the part that the baby will chew on is safe and comfortable for the baby’s gums. These are FDA approved, BPA free, and phthalate-free.
  • Relieves Teething Pain and Stimulating Sounds The texture and design of the silicone top are designed to rub against gums and address teething pain. The sounds created by chewing on the mittens increase environmental awareness and applies to most objects that the baby interacts with.
  • Colorful and Interesting Patterns That Bring Positive Effect on Your Baby: The colors are carefully chosen and designed to help stimulate the baby’s brain and can contribute a lot to their development. While babies naturally have a less accurate perception of colors, as they grow older and as these perceptions are corrected, these colors bring positivity and calmness to your baby.
  • Washable and Machine Safe Fabric: The soft breathable fabric can and will absorb drool. It keeps your baby’s hands dry inside and makes the mittens easy to wash. (See: Washing Instructions)
  • Adjustable Velcro Strap to Avoid Dropping and Accumulating Harmful Germs: You can avoid dropping mittens by using the adjustable velcro. Adjust to a comfortable fit, it’s almost set and forget. This is very useful as most babies age 3-12months aren’t always able to hold on to teething toys always. This keeps your baby’s teething relief option always available. This also saves you valuable time and money doing laundry.

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