7 Chakra Tree Of Life Pendant Necklace Copper Crystal Natural Stone Necklace


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The tree of life represents good health, strength, and spiritual healing. It comes in a wide variety colors, making it simple to choose which colors fulfill your needs. Whether you wanted to wear it for daily use, special occasions, or you just have that favorite color you love to wear. This gorgeous necklace is handmade with a lot of care and attention put into the making of the roots, branches, and leaves. The wiring of the necklace makes it a very organic and natural piece, as how the Tree of Life should be.

When you focus on balancing your chakras you can find balance and harmony in your life and in your mind. Chakra meditation is another great way to feel peaceful and balanced and while it may seem too “out there” for some it has been scientifically studied and proven to help fight against signs of disease and even help to fight against cancer.

The power of your mind is truly incredible and when you focus on clearing and balancing your chakras, amazing things can happen. Subtle and not so subtle shifts will happen in your life for the better.

Wear this beautiful pendant when working, to keep negativity at bay, remain centred, and enhance healing.

This pendant is a perfect gift for yourself or to someone else who is looking for a powerful energy piece to assist with creating balance in their lives.


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